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If you or those close to you are experiencing the psychological effects of Multiple Sclerosis then this page is for you. 

I offer confidential and supportive talking therapies for the purpose of helping you through whatever is on your mind. Assisting you to develop your own personal coping strategies, to help you live your life to the absolute fullest.

I was diagnosed with MS in 2006. This means you will be talking to somebody who has had similar feelings and experiences associated with the condition. I believe this makes a considerable difference in terms of credibility and my clients seem to think so too. Often people say this was a major factor when deciding to contact me. There are many therapists out there willing to help, but very few can empathise with you to this level. I have assisted many people to come to terms with and manage their condition. Most importantly I have helped people to genuinely smile again. I can help you also.

Personally, I wish I had found a web page similar to this after being diagnosed, it would have been extremely helpful. For that reason, this service has been created for you with that concept in mind. After 10 years of living with this condition and many years of professional therapy training, I have the skills and experience to successfully help people who are in similar situations. I know that MS can be very limiting, challenging, confusing, worrying, upsetting, exhausting and depressing. I also know this is far from an extensive list and everybody’s experience is different. That is one of the reasons I am trained in several different therapeutic disciplines, to help you effectively in the way that is right for you.

Psychological & Practical MS support

I have a therapy room at the ‘West Yorkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre’ in Leeds. Here I can offer you services such as Counselling – Hypnotherapy – Wellness Coaching and NLP. If it would be helpful you can be shown around the centre, introduced to the very friendly staff and informed about the range of practical therapies that are available to you such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Pilates and Physiotherapy. It’s a very friendly place and you will be made to feel very welcome.

If you can’t make it to Leeds, we can arrange an appointment in other locations such as Bradford – Skipton – Ilkley – Shipley and Keighley. Home visits are also available for you throughout the West Yorkshire area. If these options are not possible, there is always the option of an on-line appointment.

You are reading this for a reason. Maybe you are experiencing symptoms, maybe you have recently been diagnosed, or perhaps someone you know has been affected by MS. Whatever your situation, if it’s on your mind then help is here.



Tel: 0800 6125974

Book early to secure your place, my waiting times are currently 7-10 days



Please book early to secure your place, waiting times are currently 7-10 days