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Amelia's Stop Smoking success story

Nikki had hypnosis to stop smoking

Met with Liam Dent today over a cup of tea in Denholme we had a really good chat about all things NLP as well as other things. Liam is a really interesting, astute and honest guy and I look forward to meeting him in the future.

Clive ******

Interesting day; discovered an extremly effective way to relax and de-stress! Hypnosis with the tallented Liam Dent

Charlotte *******

brilliant hypnotherapist helped me in just one session how positive is that???

Marina *******

Thanks Liam for yesterday’s one to one. feeling fab and strong.

Angela *****

“New to hypnotherapy, I was unsure of what to expect prior to my session with Liam. I wanted to achieve some level of stress relief or relaxation which is exactly what I experienced. After just half an hour, I found myself more relaxed than I have ever felt with other previous ‘relaxation techniques’ and this has continued throughout the day. I personally appreciated Liam’s open approach to the therapy and the time he took to explain what the session would entail. He made me feel very comfortable during our time together & I would certainly have no hesitation in using or recommending Liam for an alternative therapy. I look forward to future sessions.

Charlotte *******

Thank you for the session last week.  It really is helping me with emotional eating.  I feel in control and organised  in all aspects of my life.

I am doing things instead of trying to do things.  This weekend was my first open water swim, it was such a challenge for me but I did it.  In 7 weeks I am joining a team of friends and doing the great North swim in Windermere.  Mentally I feel  prepared.


Jane **********

 Thank you Liam for the other day it was unbelievable and I learnt a lot about myself that I never knew and you helped me onto the right path cheers.

Jonny ****

Liam Dent worked his magic yesterday; feeling great and empowered. Keep you posted Liam

Angela *****

You have been so great helping me with all my issues

Joanne *******

Wow. Fantastic session with the amazing Liam Dent today. Thank you so much. Look forward to working with u lots in the future.

Nicola *******

Working with Liam, I got to see how I limit myself and rather than unpicking the past and the ‘why’ I was gently supported to consider techniques to get past my self imposed limitations.

Liam was gentle and supporting making me feel heard and fully accepted just as I am!

Thanks, Liam

Sundy *********

Great to meet you today, good to talk NLP and its differing applications, see you again soon

Veronica ******

 I met Liam whilst networking as we both run our own businesses. I am a natural skeptic when it comes to self improvement techniques but felt instantly comfortable in Liam’s company. Having decided to use Liam to gain more confidence in my abilities and improve my business through self development I have seen instant results! I am now cool in situations I previously avoided and have found this has not only had an effect on my business as a whole but I have been able to face and tackle long running issues within my personal life and make changes for the better.

I would definitely recommend Liam’s services to anyone looking to build confidence and be able to cope with everything life throws at us. Thank you Liam, I honestly didn’t think within just two sessions I could feel so much more empowered and capable!

Althea *******, Graphic designer and business owner

My head is awash with recurring thought and memories that hinder my sleep. If it wasn’t for Liam’s sleep hypnosis videos on YouTube, I probably wouldn’t sleep well at all. Thank you.

Daniel ******

Highly recommend this process Proud to say with your help, I have now been Non-Smoking for 4 years & 1 week tomorrow.

Joanne *******

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