Workshop Testimonials Leeds-Bradford-Keighley-Skipton

training workshop hosted by Liam Dent

Fantastic, thought provoking and practical training delivered very professionally. So much i can add into my day to day business. Thank you.

Carole ****

It was fun and very informative. Thank you Liam, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot too.

Elaine ****

What a fantastic and informative day I’ve had at the Wellness Centre in Skipton. Liam Dent gave an outstanding lesson on Emotional Eating and why people do it. Liam who is a wellness coach like all the other people who participated today showed us how to understand why people emotionally eat. For anyone who wants to understand why they eat when they know they shouldn’t and strategies to try to overcome the emotion I would strongly recommend going to one of his lessons in the Wellness Centre in Skipton.

Dawn *********

Great NLP workshop today – thank you, I especially loved the group hypnosis, left feeling very refreshed and energised

Veronica *******

Thanks you for a really interesting & informative evening at the emotional eating workshop. I’m really looking forward to the challenge …. I love my unconscious mind!!

 Helen *****

It was excellent workshop, when’s your next one?

Katie *******

Absolutely fantastic workshop today. In all honesty was a bit sceptical but came away with a completely different outlook. Learnt so much about myself and how to understand others to assist in my ability to communicate. This was just a tip of the iceberg! Liam was an amazing host and facilitator and I would highly recommend this workshop to everybody.

Chris ****

Liam as usual you were very professional and your teaching/coaching abilities are fantastic, cant wait for the next one.

Dawn *********

I had a really good time and learnt loads! Look forward to your other workshops

Sabby ****

Fantastic workshop today, really enjoyed it, I know everyone else enjoyed it too. Thanks

Nicola ******

It was a fab workshop – thanks Liam Dent for sharing your knowledge. But then to experience the following hour was truly amazing. Wow. You are so gifted.

Helen *****

Thank you Liam for an eye opening evening. I really enjoyed it and it has given me more tools to communicate better with people from all walks of life, I cant wait until next week to learn more. If anyone wants to know how to communicate more effectively than they do already then i would highly recommend Liams training.

Dawn *********

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it & hopefully by paying attention to 1 or 2 things you talked about I can be more approachable & attentive – and that can only be a good thing ::)) Thanks Liam !

Anneli *****

On my way to see Liam Dent NLP work his magic at L4N UK. look out ladies!

Heather ********

Thanks again to everyone who attended our meeting yesterday, and a HUGE thank you to Liam Dent for a truly memorising talk!

Ladies4Networking UK

Liam Dent glad you enjoyed the meeting and many thanks to you for a great talk Liam!


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